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After we have all laughed and shared together and stuffed ourselves with holiday yummies, and maybe even gone outside to enjoy the fall weather with some games (good for you!), then what is there left to do? Well, time off of work, a lazy feeling in your body and some wonderful company is a perfect recipe for... TV and Movie Marathons! Cuddle up in your slanket and grab the remote - here are five of my favorite TV series and movies to overindulge in... Television: 1) FIREFLY - A cult favorite scifi adventure series by Joss Whedon (now director of the Avenger movies) featuring dashing space cowboys (literally, it's set in space with a western theme), hooliganism and a lot of hilariousness. It stars one of my favorites, Nathan Fillion, who is now very successfully portrayal TV's favorite crime novelist, Richard Castle. If you had binge-watched Firefly, you would know Castle dressed up as Capt. Mal Reynolds. The series was cancelled too soon and followed by a very cool but not-satisfying movie sequel, Serenity. There's also a current comic series! You will laugh, you will love, you will cry. When it is over and you want more. 2) BATTLESTAR GALACTICA - Might this be the best SciFi series ever made? "So say we all!" This contemporary remake (though let's face it, it basically made the original obsolete) is absolutely incredible television. It wowed audiences who never watched or wanted to watch science fiction in their lives. It's got fantastic characters, writing, acting, and a host of fabulously memorable speeches by Edward James Olmos in the role of the Admiral. Not to mention the best space battle sequences EVER. I'm definitely going to start it again from the beginning this year. Do yourself a favor and watch the related series, Caprica, as well. Very underappreciated. 3. WILFRED - This show features a relationship between a mentally unstable young man (Elijah Wood) and an obscene, irreverent but lovable dog named Wilfred, whom he hilariously sees as a scruffy middle-aged man in a dog suit. It is a dark comedy, mystery and heart-warming tale of friendship, with lots of messed up antics and destruction. Be prepared - it's not for the faint of heart. It's a remake of an Australian show, with the same actor as Wilfred (Jason Gann). 4. THE WIRE - If you have not seen this show yet, you really should. Where have you been? It took me forever to see it, but I already have! Yes, it's as good as the hype. The tumultuous lives of the Baltimore streets and the cops that patrol it. It's so much better than that description. You just have to watch it, okay? 5. FRINGE - Okay, I know that this list is pretty scifi heavy. But what can I do? This fantastic show had a good run and a satisfying story arc. The long-game narratives were great and the shorter episode arcs were always creative and surprising. The characters are irresistible and the cast amazing - never has there been such a great story of the partnership between a cop (FBI agent) and a kooky scientist. And boy have there been a lot of them, lately. Anna Torv is captivating as Agent Olivia Dunham, Joshua Jackson (okay, I have to point out this is Pacey from Dawson's Creek, guys) is endearing and emotionally vulnerable as her partner/consultant Peter Bishop and John Noble must have been born to play the role of the eccentric (okay, maybe deranged) but brilliant scientist - and Peter's formerly estranged father - Walter Bishop. Other cast members gradually shine out more and more as well. This show is so engaging and brilliant in so many ways! Okay, now the movies. I'll try to keep the commentary a little shorter on this one. 1. THE BOND MOVIES - Nothing says holidays to me like a James Bond marathon with my dad. Except maybe the Dallas Cowboys game. You can usually find a Bond movie marathon going on somewhere on cable during the holidays. Hop on at any point really and enjoy. Maybe skip the Pierce Brosnan years. I'm happy to debate that! 2. THE LORD OF THE RINGS TRILOGY - Yes, I'm a huge LOTR geek. I have all the special extended editions. No, I never have enough time to get through them all. Yes, I will try again this year. Nothing is more magical, exhilarating and emotionally fulfilling for me. Is that weird? I'm cool with that. The holidays should be magical. 3. THE GODFATHER MOVIES - Cliche? Yes. Still a good idea? Definitely. There's a reason for this cliche. These movies were born to be a holiday marathon, no matter how much time passes. 4. NATIONAL LAMPOON MOVIES - The holiday standbys. Maybe watch these after the Godfather movies, since you'll need some laughter therapy. My favorites are European Vacation and that Christmas one with the light thing. You know what I'm saying. 5. MISSION IMPOSSIBLE or BOURNE IDENTITY - I couldn't choose, and they're basically the same slot. Awesome spy movies, check. You can't go wrong with either one. I'm kind of leaning toward enjoying how delightfully dated everything looks and how crazy young Tom Cruise appears in the first Mission Impossible. Seriously, though, he doesn't really seem to age much, does he? Weird... There are so many more TV series and movies I could suggest, but I'll leave it at that. What do you like to binge watch during the holidays?
@sanityscout That's how my brother started! I was away at school at the time so I missed HUGE chunks but he enjoyed rewatching it all. Definitely a big time commitment, though
I actually (shamefully) have not watched Doctor Who, but I know that I would love it. That's why I have an ambitious desire to start from the VERY beginning. Is that foolish?
My brother always watches a TON of doctor who during the holidays, so I'm usually caught between watching that and Lifetime movies with my mom. I personally enjoy the Doctor Who, but on my own time, I just end up watching really late night TV, specially American Pickers. I don't know why, but that's what the holidays feel like to me! Probably because I don't have cable at school, so when I go home, I thrive on that weird late-night TV!