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Spice up your dining table with this herby place card. 1. Soaked rosemary in a water first to make the sprigs a little more playable and clean. Then cut them into 7 to 8 inch lengths. 2. Gently form the sprigs into a circle. Secure the top by winding around some floral wire. (It helps if you form the wire around something like a cup first, to ensure perfect roundness.) 3. Wound the twine around a couple of times before tying the bow to fully cover the wire. 4. Printed out the name tags and cut them out! Then, with a pencil or pen, give the little tag some body by curling the paper using your pencil as a curling iron. That's it!
My mom recently got it into her head that adding little things like this is necessary for holiday meals; guess I should show her this one! They do look really cute. Thanks!
@timeturnerjones It also smells great!