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My goals is too get this loaded longboard
I want to win at least a Loaded longboard because it beautiful looking. or either buy them at the some store near me. so wish me luck I don't if I check my v point or no?
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@steezus that not what I ment I'm saying like I got black Friday and Christmas coming my goal is to get before spring maybe
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You said "win" and we are giving away a Loaded Tan Tien. Just saying that asking won't help, and don't get stabbed on Black Friday dude it happens every year in my town.
3 years ago·Reply
lol... I might make it to the top 20 and lol about the stab is that true? I remember the new Jersey mall a women was tazering other people.
3 years ago·Reply
@steezus stabbed? Someone gets stabbed every year in your town? Holy fuck that's crazy. They're trying to buy something legally and then they stab someone to get it...
3 years ago·Reply
Utahns love deals @DanielSpazJames
3 years ago·Reply