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Do not forget to do the things that she loved about you from the beginning. 1. Try to understand the importance of her favorite songs. 2. Approach her little mistakes with tolerance and a smile. 3. Tell her she's beautiful and why. 4. Tell her you love her often 5. Call her sweetheart. Baby. Hunny bunny. Love. Sexy. Beautiful. Baby girl. 6. Don't talk down about her favorites, her passions, her interests. 7. Make an effort to learn and appreciate her interests and hobbies. 8. Don't go to bed mad. 9. Don't push her away when she's trying to comfort you and understand you. 10. NEVER LIE. NEVER CHEAT. 11. Be open and vulnerable with every feeling you have. 12. In your conversations, do not leave out details of the moments of your life when she's not there. 13. Remind her she is a good mom. 14. Snuggle her every night. 15. Kiss her hand. Kiss her forehead. And do it often. 16. Make her meals. 17. Make love with her, not just sex. Do it for her pleasure, not just yours. 18. Make out with her passionately for reasons other than sexual interest or pleasure. 19. Let her know you talk fondly and proudly of her in your private conversations with friends and family. 20. Support her desires and pursuits of happiness through life. Even when they do not involve or benefit yourself. This is for her, not you. 21. Remember to acknowledge her accomplishments and appreciate her sacrifices for you. She doesn't "owe" you anything. 22. Never take her for granted. She won't keep treating you like her queen if you become replaceable. 23. Take time to hold her and talk to her about everything and anything. Hide nothing. Hold back no feelings. Unless that feeling is being a bitch. 24. Don't stop complementing her 25. Don't stop saying "please", "thank you", and "I appreciate it." 26. Always do the little things: kisses on the cheek, slap on the butt, grab her bags or purse, cover her with blankets when she falls asleep, snuggle up behind her when you wake up apart at night.
You have to find the right person who appreciates your efforts
You let her go. you really don't need that kind of person. and if it's meant to be she'll come back.
what happens when you do all of all the above & she still leaves , when you need her the most ?
This is so very true. wish I could have read it before now.
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