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Holesome Holy Rollers
Anyone ever try these before? They're only a buck difference from zealous so thought of trying them out, or should I just stick to zealous?
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No idea. I rode bones reds, and now I use bear spaceballs. they both are very strong and fast
3 years ago·Reply
I hate to base anything I say off someone others experience but I have heard bad stuff about them. Only from a couple people but Id play it safe man. Unless you got some cash to explore with.
3 years ago·Reply
They look cool but I have never rode them before. But like what @SteveLee772 said if you have the money to explore with different bearings try em out
3 years ago·Reply
@SteveLee772 yeah, figured as much. Im gonna stay safe for now @EugeneAlcantar
3 years ago·Reply
I really wanna try those.
3 years ago·Reply