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Today we're showcasing the United States Marine Corps piece made by Grainfed Art. The background for this piece was taken from a 1945 Department of War manual for chemical and biological decontamination. Originally, the map depicted recommended positioning for a squad when addressing a contaminated bridge. But the map also proved well-suited for a modern-day interpretation of a standard United States Marine Corps (USMC) squad. The chemical and biological aspects of the original map were omitted for a more straight-forward, standard warfare scene. Little green Army men show general positioning, but the titles are USMC. This piece is done on dark walnut. The wood was treated with tung oil prior to adding the colors.
Thank you @sanityscout!!!!!! :D
I think the best part of your art is in the details - that's where your imagination and unique way of combining elements really come out, in my opinion!
@danidee - thanks! I trolled numerous toy stores until I found the perfect ones! You wouldn't know it, but there are a lot of garbage army men sets out there! Lol!
I always love your little military men!