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The hubby and I traveled to Nagano to see the snow monkeys, and what a treat it was! These guys were very inquisitive, but also relaxed. They mostly stayed in their small family groups, grooming each other, but every once in a while, I was able to get some really funny pictures of these guys' unique faces! The red of the face was so bright against their mostly brown skin and natural background. When we first got there, we were told to keep all our belongings close to us, as the monkeys were known to be pickpockets! There was a natural hot spring there where the monkeys bathed. The true time to visit would be during the winter when it's snowy, but this was still a great trip! The monkeys are precious, no matter what time of year!
@caricakes - we lived there for a little over 2 years and I feel like we only scratched the surface!
@sanityscout - what you're trying to do is make sense of crazy monkeys. It can't be done. They burgle people and who knows what they do with it! LOL!!
Where do they put the things they pickpocket??!! Do they store them away? Awesome photos - I can never get good animal closeups like this.
What a fun story, and great pictures to match! I've been to Japan a few times but it never fails to amaze me how beautiful it is! Thanks for sharing!
@danidee - these little guys were feisty! I bet apes pickpocket too, lol! But you know who are notorious pickpockets? FERRETS! hahahaha
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