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Ditch S.L.A.P. 2013 | MuirSkate Longboard Shop: http://youtu.be/chgd9tEZKgY
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ha ha I guess there's not much else to report on? @carenvendetti
3 years ago·Reply
Depends who you ask. I love it, so you won't find much negativity from me!
3 years ago·Reply
I need a good ditch these cars are gonna keel meh! @carenvendetti
3 years ago·Reply
Exactly! One of many reasons I wanted to get ditch-ready! People here can't drive!!!! (Ok, so that wasn't a positive comment, but on the other hand, we have freaking spectacular food!)
3 years ago·Reply
No worries people can't drive no matter where you be! so that's not a negative it's just the stinking truth! @carenvendetti
3 years ago·Reply