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Hey @pangzoo10 are you zealous of my stickers!?:)
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@MckenzieMeier im soooo zealous!! haha let me know how the zealous bearings are..been hearing good things about them.
@pangzoo10 I took them out for a test ride yesterday and they were pretty well. they don't have as much spin as my bones but they keep themselves gunk free lol
@MckenzieMeier yea im currently skating bones and i love it..but juss was wondering and when i do end up having to get new ones i can try different ones..thanks!
@pangzoo10 yeah I mean for 13 bucks there a great investment of you ride in the rain at all. but in summer I'll probably switch back to my bones lol
@MckenzieMeier i do ride in the rain sometimes and yea its a lot of work having to clean my bearings after..but thats good to know! thanks!