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Here is a fun and informative video from French student filmmakers, Scrape The Sky, on how to create three different impressive effects without hiring a stunt team or putting a dent in your film budget! The video teaches you how to make it look like someone lost their grip on a very high ledge, speeding in a car at 250 mph, or simply competing against someone in a jogging race. Check it out!
@onesmile I feel like, while a lot of this is definitely funny, they're basically showing the tip of a iceberg of possibilities when it comes to DIY special effects. This video definitely inspired me to post more of these behind-the-scenes things later! :)
This is kind of hilarious!!!!!! I have definiltey thought about how easy it might be to recreate some effects, but I didn't think it would be THIS easy!! It looks so funny to be able to see the behidn the scenes bits. I'd love to see those for other movies that I've seen!