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So I wanted to be able to offer something funny for all of my Fine Arts Vinglers this Thanksgiving week, as many of you in the United States are traveling around and preparing to spend time (and eat lots of turkey) with your families! Here is a series of fun photographs created by San Francisco artist Hannah Rothstein where she breaks the rule against playing with food to recreate Jackson Pollack, Cindy Sherman, and more using plates of Thanksgiving foods! Check out the way she's able to work turkey, gravy, green beans, corn, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce - and even the plate! - into a variety of iconic art styles. Photo 1: Jackson Pollack Photo 2: Piet Mondrian Photo 3: Pablo Picasso Photo 4: René Magritte Photo 5: Julian Schnabel Photo 6: Vincent van Gogh Photo 7: Georges Seurat Photo 8: Cindy Sherman Photo 9: Andy Warhol Photo 10: Mark Rothko My personal favorite is how she was able to create mini dots of green beans, potatoes, corn, and cranberry sauce to mimic Seurat's famous pointillism work! What's yours?
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@asparagus Especially mashed potatoes! They're pretty much MADE for making weird shapes with.
You should have let me guessed them! I was guessing them on my own and then scrolled down to see the answers. I got them all, except for 5, 7 and 8. I should have known!!
@dillonk I thought about it. Hahah next time I make an art buff card, I'll make it a little bit more of a quiz.
Pretty interesting photos!~~
@SarahKo Yeah, I think it's pretty amusing too. ;)