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I don't recommend #5, but to each his own. 1. Loosen your trucks. If the trucks on your longboard are too tight, you wont be able to carve into your slide as easily. 2. Go faster. It may be scary, but the faster you go, the easier it is to break into a slide. 3. Find the right spot. A good, steep hill will help you get more speed, plus you’ll be able to slide longer at a slower speed. Sliding will also be easier if the road has smooth, clean pavement that’s free of cracks and gravel. Also, a spot with very little traffic will allow you to focus more on skating and less on avoiding cars and pedestrians. 4. Distribute your weight correctly. Put more weight on your front foot and push with your back foot. 5. Ride on wet pavement. Try riding in the rain, or when the ground is wet. Wet pavement reduces traction, making slides easier. 6. Get the right wheels. Small, round-lipped wheels make it easy to break traction and start sliding. Also, keep in mind that wheels will slide more easily after they’re broken in than when they’re brand new. 7. Get low. Bending your knees will make it easier to push out into a slide. Also, being low means less distance to the ground when you fall. 8. Get even lower! If possible, get a longboard that’ll get you closer to the ground, such as a drop deck or a deck with drop-thru truck mounts. 9. Find people to skate with who have more experience than yourself. Ask them to watch you and tell you what you should do differently! 10. Wear safety gear. A helmet and longboard slide gloves are a must. We recommend knee and elbow pads too. You’ll be more comfortable pushing yourself if you feel more comfortable falling.
Thanks! I thought it might be helpful!
number 5 piiiffffff just put spray on butter on the road
Some very good tips for the beginner cheers
@EricDavis it's mentioned because it's important.
#5 = Dead bearings, @mpoblete is correct. #10 I know to wear a helmet, but I swear.. with the amount of times this is mentioned everywhere, I think it may be a good idea to strap another board to my helmet and just ride it out of everyone's falling on their heads so often.
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