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Just a reminder if you already knew, or news if you didn't; Earthwing is starting their huge blowout sale on their NLS and other boards. Here's Earthwing's description: Starting the night before Thanksgiving, I will be purging all the cosmetic blemished NLS decks I can't sell to shops for a sick deal. These are all perfectly fine to ride. Because of the complicated geometry that gives you a true 360 concave, splits in the veneers happen under the pressure of the 'Crush-Weld' process. Under this same pressure the melted bonding material fills these gaps smooth to touch. The splits are actually stronger than the maple core itself anyway. You only see hints of this result in the wheel wells. This happens to many of the decks, so it's almost not worth it anymore to make them. I have no plans to make these decks again in the foreseeable future, so get on it, even if you just want to make money on ebay when we run out of NLS for good. I know the skaters that watch what Earthwing is doing, are all the same types that care more about performance than how it looks. Don't worry, we have more tricks up our sleeves for the future! Care, and Share! We love you guys. Seems like these boards won't be available anymore after this, so it's gonna be your last chance to pick one up.
One man's blemish is another man's STEEZ MACHINE! I'll take the 37x9.875 for the win Mr. Martindale!
Ugh, I already bought a Churchill board. It's advertisements like this where I end up spending my money I saved up for the semester.
@steezus Not sure, prices haven't been posted yet
How much are they going for?
thanks for the heads up