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Inspiring anything from album covers, alarm clocks, to even color blocked sneakers, the work produced by Andy Warhol's Factory is about as iconic as American pop art gets. His celebrity portraiture and Campbell Soup imagery are a constant part of our visual history, yet there is still so much most people don't know about the late and great Andy Warhol. Here's some fun facts about his life as both an artist and a true eccentric! 1. Andy's parents, Ondrej and Julia, were Slovakian immigrants that moved to Pittsburgh before Andy was born. His birth name? Andrew Warhola. 2. Andy was raised and remained a devout Roman Catholic until his death. In fact, according to several sources, Andy Warhol attended church not weekly, but daily! His parents also named all three of their sons after Jesus's different disciples, Andrew, Paul, and John. 3. Andy Warhol first got into art when he was a bedridden child diagnosed with Sydenham’s chorea. His mother felt he should spend the time at home exploring his interest in the arts, so Andy first began collecting photographs that impressed him and later, after converting his parents' basement into a darkroom, began creating photographs of his own. 4. Andy was very concerned about his appearance. At 29 years old, he underwent rhinoplastic surgery, and adopted his grey-haired iconic hair in his mid-20s so that people would be focused on how young his face looked. 5. Andy decided to begin painting depictions of actress Elizabeth Taylor when she fell ill while filming the 1963 film "Cleopatra". The artist believed the viral illness she contracted would kill her; however, an emergency tracheotomy saved her life.
@McDoogle I saw "Exit Through the Giftshop" and a lot of other art docs, but I heard there was a Dali movie that came out in the past few years, and I never saw "Freida" either!
@marshalledgar I made sure to follow it! ;)
Cool card @danidee. I saw freida. good movie. I love Warhols gun series. it's my art collection cover.
@danidee- you'll like it. That guy is a lunatic! And I mean that in the best way possible. :)
@McDoogle I've totally heard of it, but now I definitely want to watch!
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