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my heart says yes, but my wallet says no...
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I always wondered what does the pin do for performance
Get a set of Reys trucks. They're cheaper than Ronins for those of us who can't dish out that type of cash and they feel really nice. I love my set of Reys!
@IanRichardson it takes weight off the bushings so it makes it feel more supported, yet still super divey / reactive
I feel you on that @KLAIRELAURIE I want Ronin's but the alternative works pretty much just as good. I feel like WHAT SHOULD I DO!!!
@klairelaurie I know...let's rob banks! I'll name my board Bonnie and you can name yours Clyde cuz I don't wanna ride a Clyde... then we'll buy wheels and boards and trucks a pool full of wheels to swim in!