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So as I'm learning how to slide I've been playing around on my board (a bamboo 5ply, carbon fiber top and bottom, super flexi pintail board) yeah I know pintail aren't good for much more than cruising, I can do heelside slides on even though I'm not to good at it and I'm stopping when I do it yeah I'm doing slides. Say what you will but I'm having fun, my friends I got into boarding are having fun and that's all that matters to me.
You can slide on any deck. Just some setups are better suited. That aside, it's good you're having fun and picking up on the sport!
This is what it's all about getting out there and having fun whilst you learn
When I first started to trying to learn how to slide, I had a 46 inch arbor pintail. I eventually got a better board for learning to slide, but heck, it was still fun!
I've been trying to learn to do slides for a while just I can't get any practice because of the cold
Even though I've been boarding for 4+ years @Shulace
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