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I finnaly got my meketa skogger aka bacon brick. I put her together today and its the single best board I have ever ridden. its beautiful and rides like,a dream, also sliding is no problem at all. and btw, her name is "butter" cause of how easy she slides 馃槏馃槏
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nope, just trucks to wood. @BenKnopp
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Ok, thanks@SethSmith I was thinking about using risers, but now that you mention it, it would be a little too high
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yeah 馃槀 going from the flying eye Santa Cruz drop down to this was a really big change for me 馃槀 I felt like I was riding a sky scraper 馃槀
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Get riser shock pads. Those cheaper decks and get stress fractures easy
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I got mine today too. Are the holes on your drop through a little off?
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