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Has of this week Open Source theme, let's start with a question that has been asked many times: is it secure? If you pirates can browse the source code to discover flaws, so can the developers, the hackers and the users. That's the beauty of the open source world. You may not have the skills to investigate but what about the other thousands of coders and hackers that do enjoy your favourite apps? It's having a whole community that is ensuring that everything will be safe instead of having to trust the spokesman of the company. What is you favourite open source software? Do you trust it to be more secure than its commercial alternative?
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Hmm, this is a good question, I hadn't thought about security in open source software. Now that I think about it, I do notice that updates are done more quickly in open source. It's good to know serious open source projects have teams that review submissions. Also, maybe developers are less likely to attack open-source software because they have more ownership than with commercial software...