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Ingredients 1 vegan puff pastry (I use Jus-Rol) 300g dessert apples [8.5oz] - for the applesauce 3 medium dessert apples 1 tsp vanilla extract 2 Tbsp dairy free sugar (+ 1/2 Tbsp for pastry brushing) 2 Tbsp light brown muscovado sugar Instructions 1. To make the applesauce, peel & core 300g [8.5oz] of apples. Place in a saucepan with 4 Tbsp of water. Cover and cook under medium heat until it has reduced to applesauce (around 10 mins). Remove from heat. Add vanilla. Leave of the side. 2. Preheat the oven to 180°C/350°F/Gas 4. 3. Roll out puff pastry to fit a rectangular oven tray. Approximatively 37 x 26cm (10 x 14.5 inches). 4. While you make the apple sauce start cutting the other apples into thin slices using a sharp knife or mandoline. 5. When the applesauce is ready, spread it evenly on top of the puff pastry leaving a thin border (2cm / 0.8 inch) all around. 6. Overlap apple slices on top to cover the whole tart. 7. Once all the apples are laid out, dot tart with dairy free butter and sprinkle sugar on top. 8. Brush some melted dairy free butter on the plain border. 9. Cook for 30mins until crisp and golden. 10. If you wish, when the tart is cooked, you can add some additional topping such as: (vegan) caramel sauce, toasted almond flakes or melted apricot jam.
Dessert apples? I just assumed all apples were dessert-friendly :)
I'm glad you left the skin on - that's my favorite part of a baked apple!
There is nothing I love more than a fresh fruit tart and a cup of tea - yummy!
How lovely! This sounds like a really refreshing dessert, and much lighter than apple pie!
Oh, I love the apricot jam idea!
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