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I've been even more excited than usual about Studio Ghibli because of the Anime News Network review-a-thon ( - so this poll from a while back declaring Totoro to be the "ideal lover" caught my eye. My first reaction was: "Huuh??!! Okay, that's kind of creepy..." No offense, Totoro, but I don't really think of you that way. You're just, you know, like my best friend, and I wouldn't want to lose that. I decided to give these folks the benefit of the doubt, though. Totoro is the 'ideal lover' among all the Studio Ghibli characters? Alright, let's hear it. According to JapanCRUSH, the "determining factor" in Totoro's favor was "Infinite Patience." Okay, I can definitely see how that can get you pretty far into 'ideal lover' material. Definitely need some patience - and if you can handle a toddler picking on you and making you sneeze while you're taking a nap, then you can handle most things. I should also note that Totoro won in the idea boyfriend/girlfriend across both male and female respondents. Here is the rest of the rationale behind the Japanese poll result: "Totoro (My Neighbour Totoro) - Warm, sweet and likely to fold us up in its arms – Does wonders for our mind - Always there to help" Honestly, guys, I think it comes to to the cuddle factor. No one can beat Totoro's belly. Second place among female respondents went to Seiji Amasawa from Whisper of the Heart: "- Always tries his best for his dream – Loves Shizuku with all his heart and strives for a dream - Sure about what he wants/needs, upstanding and cool" And among males, Kiki from "Kiki's Delivery Service": "- Happy and cheerful - Works hard and cute - Naive" Who would you have voted for as the ideal boyfriend or girlfriend from all the Studio Ghibli characters?
@sanityscout I agree completely, not that I don't love Kiki as a character but for starters she's entirely too young XD and yeah this contest is a bit weird hahaha
@MattK95 That's what I'm saying! I have no idea how Kiki ended up in second with those other ladies in the running. I mean the whole contest is a little weird, but still. I also think some of the male characters got shafted.
For me personally if I was to choose a girlfriend from a Ghibli film it would either be Sophie from Howls Movie Castle (When she isn't under the curse XD) or Nausicaa.
I just wanna give that big ol' bear a HUG!
@McDoogle is kind of creepy haha. Best pet is a better idea!
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