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Nick Offerman is just the best. He is the funniest manly-man, craftsman, outdoor enthusiast on television. You no doubt agree if you have seen Parks and Recreation (which you should, immediately) or maybe even if you haven't. The best part is that apparently his character Ron Swanson isn't that far off from real Nick Offerman, at least as far as interests are concerned. As you can see in this video, that includes a penchant for fine woodworking and a apparently also a distaste for the sillier aspects of social media and communication technology. @McDoogle @handregrub @Goyo I think you would get a kick out of this!
I once had a dream that I was Ron Swanson. When I woke up I realized that it was more than a dream, and that in many ways, I was in fact Ron Swanson. I then woke up again and I was quite literally Ron Swanson. So now, I'm not really sure who I am, but I'm certain that some of whoever I am is in fact Ron Swanson. Time to go fire up the router and make some emoji. Please and thank you.
Ron is seriously the king.
@handregrub It sounds like you are, in fact, Ron Swanson. Or at least a part of Ron Swanson. No matter what percent Ron Swanson you are, that Ron Swanson must dominate all the rest. Because that is what Ron Swanson does.
This was hilarious. Ron is my favorite character on Parks and Rec !
Lol @McDoogle ...Yes, the craftsmanship was SUPERB. haha
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