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just wanted to post this to thank @agek for helping me pick the correct trucks and everything to go with it
lol you responded 12 hours ago not two days ago but whatever. This isn't really my business anyways, this all just seems kinda bullshitty so I'll leave. Sorry for telling you to relax, you just seem like you really need it but hey like you said that's probably not gonna work @indisdad78
what makes you think that some non factor like you telling me to relax is going to work? lmao.
@steezster it sounds like none of you can get over it. your responding to something that's a couple of days old
Nah I saw all the shit go down on the post of you riding without a helmet, I know quite a bit, and the way he acted about it was pretty childish but damn dude relax @indisdad78
@steezster I'd agree with you if I made the first comment to either one of these idiots. mine was simply a response to their initial disrespect. but way to have an opinion without really knowing anything
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