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The GoHat Kickstarter
This Kickstarter has about a week left (until the 5th of December), but it hasn't even gotten near its goal yet. The idea here is to create a hat that will hold your GoPro in place while your hands are busy doing something else: surfing, skim boarding, fishing, etc! While I like the idea, I don't want to wear my hat backwards! Has anybody fanagled their on version of this, or is this a mount we should back up so we can get one ourselves? I think I might back it, because I'd like to give it a try and I don't think I can come up with one on my own! Follow the link above to join the Kickstarter.
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I dont think my friends would fish with me if I wore this... :/
3 years ago·Reply
@JustinRussell I would fish with you haha @dougjohnson any idea what they run in price?
3 years ago·Reply
I am positive my friends wouldn't hang out with me either, haha! @CaseyJohnson if you check the kickstarter there's different deasl but it looksl ike about 35-40 dollars it hink
3 years ago·Reply
@dougjohnson I bought a gocam for 350.00
3 years ago·Reply
No thank you, I'll pass on this hat.
3 years ago·Reply