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Justin Timberlake - My Love - Music Video - Animated Version

This is a rotoscoped animation video - I edited the original live footage - re-mixing the song - then outputting the resulting edit's frames as individual high-resolution JPGs in sequence. Each frame was then mapped and filtered - then the raw data imported into Photoshop. Each new shot had to be processed carefully to ensure continuity across the project. I wanted to give the images in the video a "Banksy" - spray graffiti feel. I studied dozens of Banky's works and decided to add a concrete wall texture to the negative spaces - to further enhance the graffiti feel. Each frame was then edited - removing artifacts, etc... then run through a series of custom actions - I wrote action scripts for each shot - which allows for batching. Each action script had as many as 28 separate commands. The end result is exactly what I had hoped for. I then reinserted each frame back into sequence - output - then went through looking for additional artifacts and color - exposure - contrast issues.
@danidee - It is. But then I've also learned to not give up. I started on this particular project in mid 2006 after seeing the music video when it was released. My abilities with the computer, advances in computer processing power/memory/video compression, new advances in 2 versions of Photoshop - yes - one version isn't enough. There are some big differences between Photoshop Creative Suite 6 and Creative Cloud 2014. BIG differences. And truly - I need both to pull this off with the scripting. Never thought I'd have two versions of PS running at the same time. Then there are a bunch of other things - the sequence of when to do this or that. I had to figure it all out. This video took me about 20 hours to complete. But the work that went into making those 20 hours productive towards an end result that I was shooting for took years. And I've had several dry runs this past year. My Veteran's Day Tribute Video was a test of this system. Different output - but still a test. And I did a music video (directed and filmed) for a band in Norway earlier this year that was done using this process. So to go along with what you said, yes. Feels good. But it's more because I haven't given up and not so much that I have the confidence to just sit down and create and get what I want.
I love when the final result of a project matches your vision for that. I remember in a previous post you made, you were talking about how difficult that can be, especially when you're starting out. It must be relieving when your plan and your product match up seamlessly.
This is so awesome! Definitely worth the 20 hours!
Thank you! Glad you like it. In total - once I got the scripting working the way I wanted - from beginning to end around 20 hours for a video this long. I got involved doing this, BTW, after spending 6 months developing a documentary about graffiti writers in LA. I started working on processing the footage of the artists doing their thing (which because it's illegal - there was a bunch of liability and sadly, my film didn't get published), to look like street art - so it's video that looks like graffiti of people making graffiti,. This video was something I decided to do because I like that the movement was choreographed to the BPM of the song. This makes editing it fun - each shot is like a universal puzzle piece. You cut it up and you can move the pieces around and other than his mouth not saying the right words - it synchronizes perfectly. Also the black and white backgrounds helped me keep track of how the scripting was working as each frame was rendered.
This is really awesome. I love the work you did during the solo dance sequences especially! Thanks for recommending this to me, @onesmile! :) And (as always, @JonPatrickHyde) TERRIFIC WORK, sir. ;)
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