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Facebook can be a great tool for getting the word out about your business, or connecting with your users on another level. Like many things, the hardest part is starting, so here are some simple, easy-to-follow tips about how to have a successful Facebook page for your business. 1. Ask Yourself Some Questions: - Why should your business be on Facebook? - What are your goals? - Who are you trying to reach? 2. Make a Plan to Post Regularly - Posting randomly can damage the strength of your page, while posting too frequently can have the same effect. Find a good rhythm by looking at your engagement data and deciding the optimal time to post. 3. Know the Lingo - Don't break any of the Terms of Services (TOS) unless you'd like your page shut down by Facebook. Get to know them before posting anything. - Edgerank is the number of people who see your posts (not everyone who likes your page will be shown your post!) Pay attention to this and base your content sharing subject, style, and time on this! - Insights is a great source of data about your page (while it is sometimes faulty) 4. Respond to Comments - Only 30% of business respond to comments, and it is a huge missed opportunity on their part. - Be there to answer any questions or concerns. - There is always a way to turn a negative comment into a positive experience, or at least a learning experience! 5. Provide Value - Follow the 80/20 Rule: 80% content that is interesting and relevant to the followers and 20% that is interesting, but also promotional. - Inform, entertain, interact, educate, and show support.