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For many years I had a wish, to have a "real" little garden and grow some yummy veggies; so when a friend of mine showed me his system and offered to help me build it I jumped at the offer. The beds even have a basic irrigation system with PVC pipes and a timer ( I even helped dig the trench ). So watering is a breeze, one minute of water a day per bed is enough. Here in pictures is the story of my little garden, and oh boy did I have veggies!! Enough to share. Looking forward to trying more gardening ideas this spring. Give a little garden of your own a try !!!
I think this is a great idea~ When I go back to the state I want to try it too~
This is great! I am currently living in an apartment so this is impossible for me, but my parents recently took out an enormous tree in the back garden so now they're ready to try something new. We live in San Diego so we have no excuse not to take advantage of our weather! I hope they'll set up their own garden like this simply so I can come over and steal some fresh veg! Thanks for sharing this :)
@caricakes if you have a small sunny spot in your apartment like a balcony I bet you can grow a few veggies. I hope your parents get to do a garden, San Diego's weather sounds perfect.
Is that squash I see?! Looks like you and @carolinian87 would get along! Her garden is gorgeous too! (
Oh, the green lushness of those leaves in picture 7! What a wonderful fruit from your hard work. It looks so healthy and delightful!
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