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For many years I had a wish, to have a "real" little garden and grow some yummy veggies; so when a friend of mine showed me his system and offered to help me build it I jumped at the offer. The beds even have a basic irrigation system with PVC pipes and a timer ( I even helped dig the trench ). So watering is a breeze, one minute of water a day per bed is enough. Here in pictures is the story of my little garden, and oh boy did I have veggies!! Enough to share. Looking forward to trying more gardening ideas this spring. Give a little garden of your own a try !!!
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Oh, the green lushness of those leaves in picture 7! What a wonderful fruit from your hard work. It looks so healthy and delightful!
Is that squash I see?! Looks like you and @carolinian87 would get along! Her garden is gorgeous too! (
@caricakes if you have a small sunny spot in your apartment like a balcony I bet you can grow a few veggies. I hope your parents get to do a garden, San Diego's weather sounds perfect.
@asparagus yes that pic is squash, such a pretty plant isn't it? I'm gonna check your recommended post. Thanks.
I think this is a great idea~ When I go back to the state I want to try it too~