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Depending on the size of your business, you might have a social media manager, or you might have four! Either way, you are going to need someone to manage your Facebook page, and they will probably need a bit of help. So how does one page thrive with multiple people behind it? Simple! Organization. Here are a few ideas about how to rally a team behind your Facebook page and successfully manage this area of your business marketing. - Have a quarterly Facebook training session. * Discuss roles, etiquette, and expectations for the team. * Look at new Facebook features and make sure everyone understand them, * Address concerns about previous posts and talk about new tactics you’d like to implement. - Define the voice of your page. * You could be dealing with as many as 5 unique voices running the page, but there needs to be one voice going out to your followers. * Establish a consistent voice and make sure that your page admins understand and use it when communicating with followers. - Keep a shareable document (e.g., a Google doc) that outlines company social media policies. * Admins should refer to the document when they need to know what to post—and what not to post. (What kind of content is appropriate for the page!) * This document should also include recommendations about how to interact with followers (responding to questions, negative feedback, etc) - Keep admins to a minimum. * The more people managing a page, the harder it can be to stay organized. Don’t give just anyone admin rights to the Facebook page. * Two or three admins actively updating, responding to inquiries and managing the page are plenty. - Keep communication between admins open. * Regardless of how simple the question (how to respond to a comment or which content to share) encourage your admins to ask each other's opinion.
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Would it be effective to have that many managers though? One major issue that I feel would immediately arise is accidentally posting the same content more than once.