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Looks like Landy is doing mystery boxes again this year! Guessing there's going to be the 25, 50, and 100 dollar boxes again, with the chance to get some wheels, trucks, decks, or all of them together! They haven't posted full information quite yet, so stay tuned.
@steezus They put together a bunch of stuff that they want to clear in boxes, and depending on the price you'll get a combination of the items. They just confirmed that they're doing it yet, and haven't started selling them, but they should be available on their website during December @original99 I put it in the description
nice yeah I got like 200 bucks sooo I'm probably gonna get one
@original99 here a lot of people getting decks plus other things out of the 100$ one, and usually if you get the 50$ one you get trucks and wheels.
Hell yes! I didn't do this last year but I will this year
usually I wouldn't since I just got a board but I'm not gonna pass up an opportunity like this
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