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As if life on the ISS (International Space Station) wasn't already way more exciting than my life, the ISS now has a 3D printer to play with. How unfair! No, but actually, it's pretty cool. 3D printers already really impress me (you can print so many unbelievable things, and they're /real/ with just the press of a few buttons! This specific 3D printer was made by a company called "MadeinSpace" and was made specifically to be able to print in a zero gravity setting. While the first thing printed in space wasn't as exciting as some other 3D prints I've seen (read: A Princess Bubblegum crown!! http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:122563), it was pretty smart. They printed a backup face plate for the printer itself! This backup will be sent back to Earth, where it will be analyzed alongside a version printed on Earth to see if any noticeable differences can be found between 3D printing in space and 3D printing on Earth. If this doesn't sound impressive to you, think about it for one more minute: 3D printing. In zero gravity. In space. I don't know about you, but I'm impressed! Now, I'd like them to print a few decorations for the spacecraft. Early Christmas, anyone?
@danidee What?! Now I'm going to have to go do some searching for faulty 3D printer videos.
The weirdest moment was when I saw a faulty 3D printer make super pixelated low quality prints. There were missing squares in the plastic!
@danidee I'm ashamed I've never actually seen on in person!!! I really can't even fathom how they work to be honest. So cool!
I'm obsessed with 3-D printers. There's one at a cafe I usually go to, and they have a lot of products they've made with it on display. SO COOL.