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There will always be leftover in my family's Thanksgiving table. Everyone tend to make more food than what our stomach could handle. Especially when my extended-family are over my mom goes crazy with the portion. In the past, we would dish out our tupperware to hand out leftovers to our party. However, this year we plan to customize it with takeout boxes. It's personable and a fun way to thank them for coming. Here's a couple ideas I found and that you all might find it inspiring. 1. Paper Bowls Perfect for soup, gravy, and any other liquid leftovers. Plus, guest don't have to worry of a soggy mess with these sealed lids. I also like the festive stickers for labeling food. 2. Recycled Box This idea is environmental friendly and time efficient. The box is also big enough to ensure everyone has the ingredients for a turkey sandwich the next day! 3. Thanksgiving Labeled Cardboard Boxes In my opinion cardboard boxes look way better than foam clamshell takeout boxes. All you need is customize and print out a lovely label and put them on the box for an extra thought touch everyone will love. 4. Classy Takeouts Takeout boxes never looked so good. I would be leaving with a smile on with these pretty little boxes. 5. Pie Box There's always room for desserts, but saving it for late-night fridge run a much better idea. These labeled pie boxes will keep all the flavors neatly organized. Sources: 1. The Sweetest Occasion 2. Cupcakes and Cashmere 3. Oh Happy Days 4. The Glitter Guide 5. Kojo Designs
This is such a cute idea !
I definitely like the pie box idea. Where can I find them?