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INC threw together a list of 20 of the best businesses on Facebook, and I've narrowed it down to 10. (For the full list check out the link!) I chose these 10 because of their completely different styles of pages. There are some that adopted a really unique (and hilarious!) voice, while others let the followers do all the talking. Here's my list in no particular order: 1. Zappos Zappos uses Facebook as its culture cultivator: using discussion posts, wall updates, a Fan of the Week contest, and other tactics to whip their fans into a frenzy. "It serves as a small, tight-knit community for our very loyal, rabid fans, numbering well over 100,000 on Facebook," says Aaron Magness, senior director of brand marketing for the powerhouse online shoeseller. That means Zappos won’t sell on Facebook or use slick marketing campaigns to win fans. "It's just a place to have a conversation," adds Magness, even if it has nothing to do with shoes. 2. Burt's Bees You can't really argue with over 2 million followers, can you? “Through Facebook, we can introduce new products interactively,” says Melissa Sowery, the company’s social media and content manager. They also have fun sharing Throwback Thursday posts, news about their recent documentary, and the company's Employee Spotlight video series! 3. Candles Off Main Here is an example of a small business using Facebook perfectly. Weekly giveaways and coupons exclusive to the FB page get followers excited for new products, while informative videos and detailed pictures entice potential buyers! “Facebook probably produces less than 10 percent of our sales, but what we get from Facebook is more valuable than that,” says Susan Webster Adams, CEO and co-founder of the company. “We've gained insight, support, suggestions, inspiration and friends from our Facebook page.” 4. Community Coffee This awesome family business is thriving on social networks! By offering recipes and allowing fans to post their own, Community Coffee has built an active fan base. The main goal of Community Coffee's Facebook page is to make the brand known and to engage existing customers. They are a big fan of contests and trivia! 5. Fresh Brothers Fresh Brothers is not your average pizza place - they're a family! "We reward our social media users by offering them a weekly special, but we really excel at sharing family stories and history with our fans, as well as employee stories," says Adam. "It's a great way to connect with our customers, and a great way to demonstrate our personality." By announcing discount codes to Facebook fans, Fresh Brothers can easily track Facebook referrals. 6. Old Spice Old Spice's hilarious commercials have translated into an even more hilarious business voice on social media. The Old Spice guy commercials could be my favorite TV slot out there! The Facebook page went viral once they posted the commercials on Facebook and allowing fans to comments on them. “Old Spice uses Facebook to connect with our fans on a one-to-one basis," he says, adding that promoting active discussions and product giveaways on the page have built brand loyalty among customers. 7. Red Mango You can't hate a frozen yogurt place, so all Red Mango had to do was grow the love! How else can you do that? Have your super-sweet CCO run the page! "I personally control the majority of the content that’s on the page," says Daniel Kim, founder and chief concept officer of Red Mango, a popular all-natural fat-free yogurt retailer. "We’re able to really connect one-on-one with customers and give them access to the people who are behind the brand," he says. "It really allows us to give the brand a personality and a voice that’s real and genuine." 8. Steve Spangler Science With an animated video, fun photos, and intriguing merchandise for sale—such as a bacteria growing kit and Insta-snow—Spangler is a unique example of what one individual can do on Facebook to promote his or her personal brand. "[Facebook] is the perfect platform for our customers to interact," Spangler says. "It literally gives us 24-hours-a-day access.” 9. Threadless In addition to allowing fans to post t-shirt designs, vote on their favorites, and purchase merchandise directly from the site, Threadless also posts a ton of fun videos and broadcasts meet-ups on its page. While design submissions are handled through the official website, Facebook is the fashion show prior to the final judgment. "We get thousands and thousands of people sharing [their design] links with each other on Facebook every week. And they use [Facebook] to get votes on that art so that those designs get scored well and get considered and hopefully get picked by Threadless," says Cam Balzer, vice president of marketing. 10. Bonobos A very active blog page provides stellar advice on men's fashion while generating tons of feedback and user-generated comments. Now their content is generally announcing sales, while keeping their voice in the comments friendly, playful, and encouraging.