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Making Music by Bike
Did you ever put baseball cards in the spokes of your childhood bike to make it sound like a motorcycle? Oakland, California composer Johnnyrandom did, and he associates those puttering bicycle tones—and the sensation of exploring the world on a bike for the first time—with freedom. Now in an effort to bring that sense of freedom to music the composer has created an entire song, “Bespoken,” using only parts of a bike to make sounds. Not only did he tune the spokes so they could be strummed with a guitar pick, but he also wove the everyday sounds of shifting gears, snapping back brake levers, releasing air from tires, and ratcheting a crank arm into melodies to be remixed. No synthesizers or drum machines were used in the composition, which has a cool atmospheric sound to it without obscuring the recognizable cycling elements.
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This is amazing!
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Really cool! I think I seem to remember Frank Zappa doing something like this back in the day, but this is much better production!
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What?! This is so cool!
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