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The Washington Redskins are planning on starting Colt McCoy over Robert Griffin III this Sunday against the Indianapolis Colts. While Griffin is not a part of Washington's plan for Sunday's game, he is still a significant part of the Redskins' long-term plan, whatever that means, according to a source. Looks like the coaching staff is tired of RG3 for now after their 0-3 record with RG3 starting. I don't know how credible the source is but it sure seems like they are giving up on RG3 when they are playing Colt McCoy instead who is definitely not the QB of the future for the Skins. Do you guys think this is the right move?
@Goyo @Dukes1 It will be interesting to see what team he ends up on after this season
The skins already suck they can only get better from here starting w the colts .. He threw himself under the bus. just my opinion...
He got thrown under the bus by his coach. How could he not be lacking confidence? I think the hammer has fallen hard on a guy who is not used to being critiqued at all
RG3 what a bust, Skins are going to suck for a while after they gave up all those picks
@EightyNine ha damn.. RG3, he will be missed (cough).. actually giving him more time to recoup is only for him and whether he comes back to the skins or moves into another.. Either way I wish him the best and the skins I wish hope for reasons and seasons to cone in the future.. Go Redskins.. ha..
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