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ESPN's rankings for Week 13. Do you guys agree with the rankings?
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@WAYNEPiper I am not sure. Your Boys just got squashed by the Eagles. @MitchellJuchno Seems like a strong possibility. Who can stop them? Broncos are the only major threat I think to a SuperBowl birth... This is something I don't want to admit as a Jets fan...
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your right Goyo. That's why I had my turkey early. They played like turkeys. Pipedream.
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@WAYNEPiper haha thats a good attitude man. Well, I am a Jets fan so you could imagine what I feel. I would be happy with pipedreams lol
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in Texas we call what the jets are going through a drought. my boys are not doing much better. 81995 was the last time they won anything. The pipedream lives. lol
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The Packers are looking like the team to beat right now. They're on fire.
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