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Let's jump into an alternate universe for a moment. A universe where Hermione would actually put down a book long enough to make an Instagram account (suspend disbelief for just one moment). If she did, I'm going to have to go ahead and say a few of these might happen (if she was a little more basic). #OOTD #SPEW #iLoveEmmaWatson!
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@sanityscout the SPEW card was probably my favorite, just because I always feel SO bad for Hermione throughout the whole SPEW ordeal!!
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I looove the cat one.
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@danidee Crookshanks totally deserves to be all over #catsofinstagram
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@timeturnerjones He's seriously the biggest cat I've ever seen!
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@danidee A right 'ol chubby kitty!! I love it!!!
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