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Actor Park Si Hoo recently talked about the difficult situations he went through during the shooting of his first film. A press conference for the production of the film Confession of Murder was held on October 10. Lead actors Jung Jae Young and Park Si Hoo and director Jung Byung Gil attended the conference. Park said, “I worked really hard because it was my first film, but I though of giving up for the first time in my acting career during the shoot. There was a scene at a swimming pool, and I shot it in winter. Because the water was so cold, I almost got frostbitten. I’m sad that a big part of the scene has been cut off.” Park plays the role of Lee Doo Suk, a serial killer. Confession of Murder is an action thriller film about Lee Doo Suk (played by Park Si Hoo), a serial killer who publishes his autobiography after the statute of limitations on his case expires. He becomes popular, and Choi Hyung Goo (played by Jung Jae Young), a detective who was in charge of the case fifteen years ago, tries to put him into prison by getting down to the grass roots on some unsolved disappearance cases that seem to be related with him. Source: TV Report