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Lee Min Ho is now in love with his sword. It seems natural for him to carry his sword with him on the set because he’s playing the role of the best swordsman in the Goryeo Dynasty in SBS TV’s drama series Faith. However, he loves his sword so much that he cannot stay without it even when he takes a break, reads a script, and takes a nap. Lee has learned swordsmanship since this March. He started learning how to use a sword immediately after he decided to appear in the series. Because it was the first time for him to appear in a historical drama series, he hired an expert and learned from him. The crew also made a special sword for Lee, considering his height and weight. The sword he’s using in the series has been handed down from Moon Chi Hoo, Choi Young’s former boss. It’s also a token of his love of Eun Soo (played by Kim Hee Sun). The sword appears whenever Choi Young appears in the series. Source: TV Report
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wow i think lee min ho is now in love with his sword
nice personality..saranghe