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Quarterback Matt Ryan let the media know on Tuesday morning: His Atlanta Falcons remain in first place in the NFC South, even after a gut-wrenching loss to the Cleveland Browns. "As ugly as it's been, we're still in the driver's seat," Ryan said Tuesday during his weekly radio show on Atlanta's 680 The Fan. "You never know how it's going to shake out," Ryan said. "Obviously this year has been way different than any other I've been a part of, but it is what it is. Here we are, with five games to go. We've just got to do whatever we can to get the job done this weekend and stay on top." Well said Mr. Ryan, but the Falcons are only in first because they are in the pitiful NFC South. The Saints and Falcons are essentially tied at 4-7 but the Falcons own the head to head tie breaker. Do you think the Falcons will beat out the Saints? Or will Brees lead them past the Falcons?
@Goyo Falcons showed some life today
@DanteL they really do suck. I think the NFL really needs to consider just letting the best 6 teams in, and not guarantee a spot bc of your division.
I think they should focus more on winning.. .or getting a damn O-Line lol they suck!