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Actress Shin Min Ah is in the limelight because of her good deed which recently became known to the public. On October 8, some photos were posted on the Planner of Hope blog with the caption “Shin Min Ah visits refugees from North Korea. She has a heart of gold as well as beautiful looks.” In the photos, Shin is attending a traditional ceremony for ancestors of North Korean refugees and a sports day, held on October 7. The smashing beauty is known to have given steady support to a project that helps North Korean refugees to settle in and she has been volunteering to help them. It is reported that Shin has been involved in the education project for children from the deprived backgrounds as well as from refugee families and has been donating considerable amounts of money. The adorable and generous actress is currently appearing in MBC’s Arang and the Magistrate and has been receiving huge positive responses. Source: Xportsnews