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Around 20 minutes ago this was posted on Facebook revealing the first member of YG's second hip hop project... iKons Bobby! I am so excited for this next project, which will be released on the 2nd of December! This also confirms that this teaser was not really just a lead up to Bigbang's comeback, GD said in an interview earlier this week that Bigbang's comeback was planned for this year, but was delayed as he didn't believe that the new material for the album was good enough for their comeback. Who do you guys think the next two artists will be? One popular opinion I know is that it will be B.I and Mino :)
I really hope Mino will be one of them!
It probably will be B.I and Mino, but secretly I wish they would let these younger YG groups collaborate with the more veteran groups. It would have been nice to see GD and B.I together or Taeyang and Bobby instead of something so obvious as a GD/Taeyang collab.