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Longboard Brakes

What do you guys think?
It looks like it'd be fun to stomp that brake at speed and do some fun quasi-drift thingy! Or just flatspot the shit out of your wheels or accidentally hit the brake and get bucked.
It's very scooter-esque, someone should put some rollerblade brakes on the back and roller skate brakes on the front.
Someone should get Exhibit up in hurr and see how he'd pimp a board out!
It's a good idea for casual riders like college kids who just use the board for commuting. As for people who are more than that they won't really need it because they can do the slides and what now
I feel like it takes the fun out :/ theres no need to slide. Its like footbreaking :c but hey if you arent planing on sliding then its perfect haha
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