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MY Top Favorite Bollywood Romantic song of Arjit Singh with Eng translation Aasan Nahi Yahan Aashiq Ho Jaana Lyrics Translation (Aashiqui 2) Movie: Aashiqui 2 Music: Jeet Ganguli Lyrics: Irshad Kamil Singer: Arijit Singh Aasaan naheen yahaan aashiq ho jaanaa Palkon pe kaanton ko sajaanaa Aashiq ko miltee hain gham ki saugaatein Sabko na miltaa ye khazaanaa.. It's not easy to be a lover here.. To adorn thorns on eyelids.. A lover get gifts of sorrows, Not everyone gets this treasure.. Baaton se aage, vaadon se aage Dekho zaraa tum kabhi.. Ye to hai sholaa Ye hai Chingaari Ye hai jawaan aag bhi.. Ahead of talks, ahead of promises, see sometimes.. It's a fireball, it's a spark, it's wild fire as well.. Jismon ke peechhe bhaage ho phirte Utro kabhi rooh mein.. Hotaa kyaa aashiq Kyaa aashiqui hai Hogi khabar tab tumhein.. You run behind bodies, some time get down into the soul.. What is a lover, what love is.. You'll get to know.. Enjoy Credit to the owner the lyrics of this song real gives me the shivers just wanted to share with you all
@MattK95 thankyou so much I am glad you like it . :)
This was really awesome, kinda makes me wish my grandfather had taught me to speak Hindi before he got too old...
Wow, this is really pretty!
I may not comprehend his words but he sang it with great depth that the melody on it's own moves you...
@danidee and @cheerfulcallie thank you I am glad you enjoyed it. :)