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Scroll saws are amazing tools. They are capable of making the smallest of cuts with the widest range of motion with very little tear-out. (Tear-outs are snags and/or general unsightly cuts.) The only real limitations of a scroll saw are small table space and limited height. These, unfortunately, we can't do anything about. For larger scrolling, you'll need to step up to a jigsaw. However, a lot of folks run into issues with not being able to use a scroll saw on especially small pieces that are so tiny, you don't have anywhere to actually hold the piece safely while cutting. This tip will show you how to remedy that situation! First pic/step - Get some turner's tape, which is a high-grip thin double sided tape. This is a woodworking specialty item that you likely won't find in big box stores. You can readily find it online or in woodworking specialty stores, though. Second pic/step - tape the piece you need to scroll to a scrap piece of thin laminate. Here I'm using 1/8" birch ply which I had lying around the shop. You can use almost anything, just make sure it's sturdy and not too thick. The piece I needed to cut was the inside of this small shape. I predrilled a hole and slid the saw blade through the hole to get it started. (I actually took this pic after I made my cut; when I started, the piece had no cut lines on the inside, just the large drilled hole.) Third pic/step - start scrolling, stabilizing the piece with the scrap backing. The turner's tape is strong enough to hold the piece even while sawing. Just make sure you press it down firmly when first setting it to the backing! Fourth pic/step - admire your finished product! Do you all have any woodworking tips to share? I love learning little tricks that make life in the shop easier and safer!