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A Spain-based designer, Ledia Trubat, has recently unveiled a pair of prototype electronic ballet slippers that, when connected to a mobile application, records the dancer's movements on the phone's screen. Called "E-Traces", the slippers uses Lilypad Arduino microcontrollers to translate the movement into an abstract two-dimensional design or digital painting. Currently, the shoes are still in the development stages, but it's amazing to see the furthered evolution of technology and art's relationship.
I'm so glad you posted this, @danidee! I saw it and forgot to share :) Isn't it fun? I think the resulting designs are not yet that astounding, but I think there are really cool possibilities in store as the technology develops.
@WordDoctor It really is fun! And it definitely would attract people with all sorts of interests, whether they're dancers themselves or just serious techies!
It would be great for other athletic activities as well!