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Like many other content management systems (CMS), Joomla is completely free. This means that building your website could be completely free if you put your mind to it. Of course, you still need to consider hosting and domain costs, but usually building the website is the most expensive part (as well as maintenance and updating if you require it often). I have been using Joomla since 2009, so I hope others can find this CMS useful. Here is my list of reasons why you should try Joomla: 1. There are thousands of extensions Want to make an ecommerce site, add testimonials, a calendar, video plug-ins, etc? There's probably already an extension for that. You can find extensions over at (which currently has more than 8,000). They're easy to install and most of the extensions I have used have had great support. 2. The admin control panel is user friendly I would consider Joomla much easier to understand than Drupal. It definitely is not as easy to use as Wordpress, but that is only because I feel that you have more control and options in the backend. Over the years the control panel has improved greatly and it is a lot more user friendly. Again, not as simple as Wordpress, but that is a good thing when building powerful websites. 3. Great for user and group management I really love this feature about Joomla. You are able to control access to certain areas and features of your frontend and backend, which allows you to customize to your needs. For example, if you want certain sections of your site to be viewed only by registered users, than you are able to do that. You are also able to control admin rights if you plan to have different staff working on the website. There are extensions that can improve this feature even more if you would like. 4. Theme options are endless Like Wordpress and Drupal, there are many themes that are available for you to use. Some are free, some are premium...but with the wide variety, there is definitely at least one that will fit your needs. My favorite template club is RocketTheme Any other Joomla users out there? I'd love to hear your thoughts.
@Bernad, oh I see what you mean. Yes, there are similar design management systems like Azura, but I haven't used Pagelines so I'm not sure how they compare. I am guessing that WP has more options because it is a more popular CMS and more user friendly than Joomla or Drupal
@techatheart, what I meant about other features is related to design management systems like Pagelines, frontend builder and visual composer found on WP. These are great for designers who know little or no code and have short codes to help them along the way. Since we are moving our applications to the cloud, it makes it easier for us to work on design from a Chromebook browser. I know you have plenty of themes on Joomla and Drupal that support short codes but is there an extension or plug in that gives you more design control over the front end instead of the backend?
Is there any other features that Joomla out performs Wordpress?
@Benard From my experience, I would say that you can do the same thing with both. I would recommend Wordpress for beginners or for smaller websites (small business websites, blogs, etc). If you're doing an ecommerce site or a much larger website with more content, I would go with Joomla or Drupal. Joomla is the easier one out of those two. Not that you can't make a larger website with Wordpress, but I feel Joomla is stronger with content management as well as social media if you plan to do that. So I would consider type of website as well as your comfort level with web development. I've used all three and like Joomla because it is the middle ground when compared to Wordpress and Drupal. I think all of them are great, just use them for different purposes.