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I open my eyes, darkness. It's so dark. When we tightly close our eyes we start to see whiteness; just like that. Darkness turns into brightness. I am looking to my hands. They are not like real. Each movement of my hand leaves a star cloud behind, just like I am grasping the star cloud and it's seeping out my fingers. As if I am staying on emptiness. I wonder; do i fell down if i take a step. Like the first steps of a baby, i am taking my first step. I want to close my eyes. I am frightened. I notice that closing my eyes doesn't change anything, and with a little more brave i complete my step. I am walking. All white shades around me starts to gain character as long as I walk. Trees, clouds in the sky, a small pathway... I can feel the small pebbles under my feet. I can hear the sound of water. All my senses are back. No more darkness. There is a much brighter world than before. I can feel the wind passing through my body. A light rain is raining and passing through my body like i am not there. But i can feel its coldness and loneliness. My body is made of pure energy. I am walking to the beach and looking to the sea. I want to swim in the sea as if it is a living creature. But also I think how can I swim with my pure energy body. I take my first step into the sea. Coldness of the water electrifies all my body. I am moving forward with baby steps. But in each step, my body is uniting with the sea. When i move forward untill my neck, i can not feel my arms. I take a deep breath, close my eyes and dive under the water. I am sea, I am ocean, I am it. I can feel the whole world deep and clear, like it has never been. I can feel the storms in the ocean, or the waves of body movements of a Caretta Caretta. As if I am lying over the world and than turning around and starting to hug the world. I want to hug the world as hard as I can.
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Thank you @WordDoctor i wish my first language was English, so i could tell you better exactly how i feel while writing
@OmerTurco, you're doing great - especially for it not being your first language. Both practicing by writing a lot and also reading a lot helps with the vocabulary, I've found. Looking forward to more!
very descriptive and very good! wouldnt have guessed english wasnt your first language!
I have to agree with @WordDoctor's comments here: the world itself is touched an explored, not just our experiences in it. I particularly enjoyed the line "I can feel the wind passing through my body." It gives an image I've never thought of, but I can perfectly imagine. @OmerTurco and great job! Your English didn't feel unnatural to me at all.
@OmerTurco You have an amazing gift, one which transcends language, don't let the English slow you down even a little bit. Like @WordDoctor and @Greggr, it feels fine and keep practicing. Keep writing and honing your craft. don't stop, the world is waiting.