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So ive been working on my coleman slide before the snow comes, AND I CANT DO IT. Im riding a cantillated tesseract with caliber 1s, venom barrels (88a SHR roadside, 90a boardside), and orangatang 83a stimulus. Whenever I try to slide, I end up losing traction but only barely, and it turns into a vert hard carve. HOW DO I SLIDE IT!
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Id say commitment
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@isaacpaulr I just made a post to help you.
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you definitely have to learn switch. I know it's a pain in the ass but nothing's worse than doing a slide then getting stuck in switch not knowing how to revert. and sometimes it's easier to slide switch than reggie
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@jdizzy1000 how do I start learning?
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it feels super weird at first but make yourself push switch as much as possible. then once your a little comfy try pushing off and doing a slide switch. and when sliding remember DISTRIBUTE YOUR WEIGHT CORRECTLY. and I've found the lower you are to the ground the easier it is to control the slide. remember practice, practice, practice one step at a time
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