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Update to the Earthwing sale. NLS boards are $85 Hoopty's are $45, 07 Executioner $50, Supermodel $50, Hightailer $50 and Carbon Superglider $70. Pics are in order. They won't be making any of these boards anymore after this, so this is your last chance to grab any of them! Also, they are doing a random wheel pack. You can grab 2, 3, or 4 more packs of wheels for +$35, +$50, and +$65 respectively. $30 for 1 set.
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Maybe I'll grab a supermodel. Maybe.
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ohhhh thats nice *_*
3 years ago·Reply
Can you up the link again
3 years ago·Reply
@KevinGonzalez it's literally 4 comments up man. Or just go to earthwing's website.
3 years ago·Reply
Yes pls
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