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The No Phone - Hilarious and necessary
I just found out about this hilarious kickstarter: The NoPhone. This phone is a technology-free alternative that is perfect for those of you who want to get off the grid but still want to feel like you have a phone on you. The best news? It's battery free, no upgrades necessary, shatterproof, and waterproof. There is even a selfie upgrade for the people who can't give up their #selfies. For only $12 you can own the NoPhone (follow the attached link.) This is a hilarious spoof...I'm surprised they have raised $18,316 - their goal was $5,000!
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Ha! This is almost as good as the kickstarter for a guy who wanted to make potato salad.
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I can't believe this was backed. I guess it would be good for pranks and such
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@caricakes oh yeah! I forgot about the potato salad guy! @EightyNine...yes, it could work haha. I can't believe it was backed either!
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