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You know the drill. Get home from a great workout and even better pilates class and then open the fridge and devour everything in sight. We've all done it at least once. So how can we stop overeating after a workout while still giving our body what it needs? ~ If you're always hungry after you work out, time your gym visits with your meals and workout right before. That way, you're hungry and ready to eat dinner rather than a second dinner! ~ Pairing protein and carbs will fill you up faster and give your body exactly what it needs to recover from a good workout. Try peanut butter toast with banana and cinnamon! ~ Don't make eating a habit. Think about if you're really hungry or if you're just gravitating towards the fridge after the gym because you've always snacked afterwards. ~ Fill up on water. Often our hungry is actually thirst so be sure to hydrate after working out and wait a few minutes to see if you're actually hungry for some food! ~ Refuel during your workout. Bring a granola bar on that long bike ride, or drink protein water in between your treadmill time and your yoga class. These are all easier said than done so don't expect changes in your habits overnight!
Great tips @GetFitwithAmy! Thanks as always!
Not making eating a habit is such a good tip, but for those of us who have made it a habit (like me!) its hard to break it :/
I try to workout before breakfast. Eat a few nuts before the gym and then come home to scrambled eggs :)
That's a good idea @nokcha I am notorious for going for cheese and crackers and ending up with a plate full of god-knows-what?!!
I always make sure to decide on my post-workout meal/snack BEFORE I work out. I set out my bag of almonds, my yogurt, etc, so that I don't just stand at the fridge pulling everything out :)